We believe that recreation and respite is not a privilege. Self-care, connection to nature, and pleasure are universal human needs and should be available to everyone. Yet they are not. The wealth gap in the United States has more than doubled in the past thirty years and the rate of income inequality is greater than any other developed nation. A sliding scale structure is one of the ways businesses can strive to be affordable and equitable.

A sliding scale sets a range for the cost of a service where what customers pay is based on what they can afford.

Since its inception, the Celo Inn has strived to be affordable to guests from all walks of life. A sliding scale cost structure allows us to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the Celo Inn.


If you are someone who has generational wealth; has benefitted from policies that do not treat all as equal; or receives a high salary even though nurses, teachers, and other, lower paid professions work just as hard; we invite you to pay the full cost of our rooms. But if you do not benefit from these privileges or times are simply hard, please take advantage of our suggested sliding scale. Additionally, with our “Just Stay” program, we can partially to fully subsidize the room rates for a limited number of BIPOC guests each year.

If you want to take advantage of our sliding scale or “Just Stay” offers, just let us know when you contact us to make a reservation. There are no hoops—we don’t ask you to prove anything and you decide what you can pay. We just ask you to keep in mind that as a small “mom-and-pop” inn, we rely on your business to support our family and pay fair wages to our housekeeping staff.

Finally, if you wish to support our efforts to make a stay at the Celo Inn a possibility for those who can not afford the sliding scale room rates, feel free to buy a gift card in the name of “Just Stay Program” for any amount that works for you.

We are proud to be piloting these efforts and hope to fully transition to a sliding scale model in the future. But for now, the sliding scale option is available only for reservations in the Pink Room and the Blue Room. However, guests with limited mobility and experiencing financial hardship may request a sliding scale option for the cottage.


We ask all new guests to review our reservation policies.

Then, email or call us for more information, to request a reservation, or arrange for a gift certificate!